We are committed to the overall purpose of increasing sales and understand that every activity is driven by result in terms of brand engagement and ultimately, conversion. We operate on the Scandinavian market, with approximately five-hundred wholesale partners and various strategies to reach new leads and generate interest. Our goal is to be accessible, engaged and hands on in building brands with a 360 sales and communication approach.


With progressive communications we aim to make a difference in ever-changing times. We implement powerful and strategic PR and marketing efforts to both attract and hold attention.

Not all PR is good PR – we are very selective and precise in how we work with each brand. After determining our joint long-term objectives, we identify which media outlets or influencers are key players, and we create content and PR activations accordingly. All efforts should correlate with the overall brand building.

We implement powerful, proactive, and passionate PR and marketing activities and offer a comprehensive range of integrated marketing services to meet every client’s unique needs. We practice in multiple areas across B2C and B2B categories, all in effort to raise brand awareness, conversion, and bottom-line results.


Our social service combines digital and physical networking. We offer creative social media plans, VIP endorsements, SEO / SEM strategy and careful event planning and execution. Our showroom and press office are great use in our network and community building. We work actively with seedings, lend-outs and product placement. We also have an in-house photo studio where we shoot content and collaborate with influencers and other partners.

We focus on maintaining close and personal relationships and prioritize long-term commitment.  We put great effort on finding or creating genuine relations between brands and influencers. The focus for each category is to enhance brand visibility, reach out to their respective communities, and create an engagement and demand for the brand.